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3hree is WAR – Chapter 3

The sun had begun setting, a delicate glow cast across the hood of the car as they pulled into the small lot of the waterside restaurant. Hayden looked pleased with himself, leading Lisanna’s graceful form through the large double doors and over to a waiter who quickly escorted them to the back of the restaurant where a wooden dock looked out over the sea. The gentleman held a menu to Lisanna but Hayden brushed it away and placed their orders, not allowing her a chance to even glance at the menu. He honestly doubted she would order anything but water if she saw the prices. 

Lisanna should have been aggravated by his behavior but instead she found his domineering attitude extremely sensual. She watched with mild amusement as the manager of the restaurant came out and made a scene of greeting the elitist across from her, handing over his “best bottle of bubbly”. The man bowed out and Hayden turned his attention to the beauty before him. 

“Do you own the restaurant as well?” She giggled and he shook his head as he poured a glass for each of them. Hayden passed the flute across and watched as Lisanna hesitated.

“I’m underage.” She mumbled beneath her breath and Hayden scowled playfully. Of course, he had already known that. He knew almost everything about her. He’d had his best team investigate her thoroughly, gathering information he could use to win her affections. He needed to know her in order to control her. He had honestly been surprised when he’d learned that she was only seventeen but he cared not. Even laws were made to be broken and no one would dare to stand against him.

“Drink,” He said firmly and then he added, “No one will bother you here.”

Lisanna lifted the glass to her mouth; his gaze focusing intently on the glossy lips that hugged against it. She allowed a small bit to play on her tongue before scrunching her face. “It’s strong.” 

Hayden laughed and raised his glass to toast. She tapped her glass against his and sipped the bitterness once more. “I have never had alcohol,” She admitted timidly and he smiled. She was too cute for words so Hayden simply watched her. Lisanna faced the water, drinking the champagne while watching the sun drop below the horizon. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced, sitting in the warm glow of sunset. 

Before long, the waiter returned with their food and lit several tea lights floating in the glass centerpiece. It was beautiful and Lisanna’s eyes sparkled against the candlelight. She turned her attention to her food, desperately trying to ignore the consistent gaze of Hayden’s eyes. Her head was cloudy, from the day as much as the emptied glass in front of her. She finished off the filet and lobster without some much as a glance at her companion. She knew he was still watching her. She could feel the intensity of his gaze pressing into her skin. As Lisanna’s eating slowed, the waiter appeared to deliver their dessert, compliments of the house. The site before made her mouth water but she hesitated eating the art before her. Lisanna glanced at the waiter and he smiled sexily as he explained.

“It is the chef’s specialty, created specifically for Mr. Aberdine.” 

Lisanna nodded and the waiter excused himself before Hayden spoke. “You will like it. Its New York style cheesecake topped with zinfandel marinated diced strawberries and rum based chocolate glaze. The cream is handmade with vanilla extract and cocoa to create the perfect chocolate mousse.” 

Lisanna eyed the cake once more before diving in, every bite melting in her mouth. Hayden did not eat. Instead, he watched Lisanna. He watched her lips part, watched her slid the fork slowly from her mouth, savoring every bite. Her expressions were so natural and sexy and Hayden shifted in his seat to remove some of the pressure against his groin. She was just too cute. She had completely forgotten his existence, captivated by the sensation currently assaulting her taste buds. He knew that she was intoxicated but he wasn’t sure whether it had been the champagne, the food, or the events of the day that left her in a world all her own.

As the night died down, and the dessert ran out, Lisanna turned her attention back to the man before her. His eyes were so focused and the intensity scared her. He was still watching her, as if anticipating something. What, she did not know. His gaze made her unsteady and she grabbed the bottle, pouring herself another glass and downing it quickly. She tipped the bottle once more and Hayden reached out to steady her hand, removing the bottle from her grasp. 

“I want you to be able to think clearly,” he stated calmly and she pouted slightly before nodding in compliance. Hayden stood and took her hand, leading her off the deck and onto the private beach that lined the restaurant. He kneeled before her and removed each shoe, kissing lightly at her calf before setting her foot into the cool sand. They walked along the shore, Lisanna stumbling slightly each time the waves crashed at her ankles. She stumbled forward and Hayden caught her in his arms, her body naturally fitting in to his. He held her there, her back pressed firmly into his chest. She smelled good, sweet and seductive. The wind lifted her hair causing it to play at his chin. He let his arms fall to his sides and moved to walk ahead only to be assaulted by the sound of her squeal. Spinning around, he found her sitting in the surf and laughed. She’d fallen into the cold water and now sat drenched and sputtering. He choked on his laughter, watching her flustered face darken.

She barely looked like herself. Her hair was damp from a crashing wave and her face was flushed in embarrassment. He laughed, more than he ever had in his life. He hadn’t meant to but seeing her so bothered had really made him happy. She scowled and even that pleased him as he knelt to pick her up. Instead of assisting her to her feet, he was shocked when she swiped his legs out from under him causing him to crash into the water with her. He growled, but the sound was playful and amused. How could he be angry? Not when she was there, giggling like some smitten school girl. He splashed her, cutting off the warming sound and causing her to give him an “oh really” look. She returned the favor, tossing handfuls of water into his face. He launched forward to steady her hands and she dodged, teasing him with every move of her body. They wrestled like children, uncaring of the time or place.

Lisanna stood and tottered her way to shore, trying to escape, but Hayden was quicker and he managed to tackle her into the sand. He pinned her to the ground and then feared he’d gone too far. Her expression changed so quickly that he had little time to register what she was feeling or what he should do. The spiritedness left her eyes and her face flashed to fear, anger, and shame before settling on… what? What was that look in her eyes? He couldn’t tell what she was thinking or feeling and the realization terrified Hayden. 

Lisanna squirmed slightly before relaxing into the sand. She knew not to fight back. Men enjoyed the chase. If she struggled, he would pursue. And he would win. Men had the strength to take what they want. She’d known that all along and yet she’d gone with him, this man. Why was it that she wasn’t terrified? Why was she not making an excuse to be released? Why was she waiting for him to do more? Lisanna’s thoughts were so jumbled. Was it the champagne?  She wasn’t sure but she knew she had to stop him. She went to say something, to tell him to let go or get off but instead the words that escaped her lips shocked her.

“Kiss me.”

Hayden wasn’t sure he’d heard correctly. The sound was so gentle, he wondered if it had been the wind. Or maybe it was his imagination. That would make more sense. There was no way this goddess before him would willingly submit to him, not so soon. He couldn’t fathom the possibility. He must of been hearing things. But then why, why had she closed her eyes expectantly? Was she waiting for him? Hayden’s thoughts dissipated as he watched her perfect lips, plump with cotton candy lip gloss. He wondered what they felt like. Hayden wanted to know. He needed to know. Hayden inched forward slowly, waiting for her to stop him. To look up at him in fear. To struggle against him. She made no move, just stayed motionless beneath him. 

His lips met hers with such a gentle caress that Lisanna had to open her eyes to see if he really had kissed her. He was there, waiting for some reaction, his face inches from hers. Lisanna had no idea how to react. Her head was spinning and her mind was screaming. She blushed and closed her eyes once more. That was all the invitation Hayden needed. He kissed her again, her body trembling against him. He slipped his tongue out to caress her bottom lip, begging for entry. Lisanna had no idea what she was doing but she invited him in. Instantly, the feeling swept over her. It was like magic. 

His hands were all over her but she barely noticed. His kiss was amazing. Her heart was racing and her breath started coming in soft pants. He leaned back to take her in. She was absolutely exquisite. Her hair was still damp and it now lay tousled around her heated gaze. Her breathing was short and ragged. He wanted her. He’d never been so turned on by a single woman. His hand trailed its way through her hair to her neck where he lingered, knowing he could no longer hold himself back. He slid the pad of his thumb under the edge of her dress and watched as she shivered, waiting expectantly for his touch to explore further. He obliged, finding the hardened nipple beneath her dress and gently skimming over it. She moaned. The sound itself brought him to the edge and he leaned forward to capture her mouth again. He’d be damned if he’d let an inexperienced child affect him so. He’d make it so she could no longer stand. Ensure that she could no longer breathe without him. He’d devour her whole being, consume her whole life. 

Lisanna whimpered and Hayden was dragged forcefully back to reality. There were tears in her eyes and he knew she’d had too much, too soon. He kissed her once more, a gentle soothing kiss, and stood. Taking a moment to breathe, and will his throbbing cock to settle, he helped her to her feet and guided her back towards the car. As they walked, silence bore down on Hayden’s conscience. Tears streamed over her delicate cheeks and he feared he’d blown his chance straight to hell when Lisanna finally spoke.

“I was scared of the car, not you.”

It was then that he understood. He should have known from the investigative report but he’d failed to grasp the emotional factor involved. Lisanna’s mother had died protecting her after a drunk driver had collided into their vehicle. The woman had shielded her daughter from the impact, using her own body as a cushion. Lisanna had been trapped in her mother’s cold arms for over an hour when the paramedics finally found the vehicle. 

He suddenly felt sick. He had assumed that she was scared to be close to him or scared to be trapped in a car with any man, but he never would have guessed that she still thought about such a thing. Grabbing her, he forced her into his arms, trying desperately to will her pain and fears away. She struggled to free herself but ended up surrendering to his grip, small sobs escaping for the first time since she was a child. 

Hayden released her as her cries subsided, sliding his hand into hers and leading her the remaining distance to his car. He hesitated with his hand on the glass, staring at his own monstrous appearance. He’d hurt her, in more than one way. He usually would not allow himself to be affected by such things, but she was different. She evoked different emotions. 

“Are you still scared?” He asked and was relieved when she shook her head lightly. Opening the door he turned to face her, meeting her gaze head on. “I’ll take you home for tonight.”

Lisanna nodded knowing in her heart that this was the end. She would not see him again. What pathetic excuse for a woman would ruin the greatest night of her life by breaking down, not once but twice. Her head dropped in shame and embarrassment. She’d wanted him but she was afraid. She knew nothing about the adult world and she doubted seriously whether she could even please such a man. No, she was more scared that she wanted to please this man. Her body was sacred to her; something that she kept unattainable for any man. Men were known to use and abuse women and she had no desire to suffer the same fate. She met his gaze again, firm and determined. “Thank you for this evening.”

Hayden smiled, a playful wickedness settling his lips. “I’m letting you off for tonight but I will see you tomorrow. You can thank me then.”

Lisanna shook her head, trying desperately to find her voice. She wanted to tell him that she would not see him again. She wanted to tell him to stay away. Her lips trembled and he reached forward to run the pad of his thumb over her mouth.

“So sexy.” He mumbled and Lisanna blushed, turning away from his touch. Hayden’s hands cupper her chin, turning her face back towards him. “Look at me, Anna. Don’t ever look away.”

He’d left her no room to argue. Lisanna gazed into the intense inferno she saw building behind his eyes. He held her captive once more. She was a prisoner and the thought terrified her. She stepped back, keeping her focus on him as she placed a hand on the door. He opened it for her and watched as she quickly slipped into the passenger’s seat. She wondered now why she was going along with every word that this man said. She told herself that he’d left her no choice but the truth was she’d chosen. She’d agreed to see him again. This was getting dangerous and Lisanna knew it. She needed to cut off all ties with this man. If she didn’t, Lisanna knew that her entire world would dissolve. Her individuality would become his and her mind and body would be consumed. She would have to do what she did best, run away and never look back.


Lisanna eyed the dress, now dripping a puddle on her closet floor. Her new shoes lay beside her bed and she had tossed the jewelry on a nearby desk. The objects were proof that she had not dreamed up her crazy night. 

Hayden had dropped her off almost two hours before and she’d immediately stripped before climbing into bed, letting alcohol and exhaustion sweep her under. Now she’d awoken to the beginnings of a migraine, her world swaying slightly. She gripped the edge of the bed and rolled to her side, fighting tears as her mind tormented her with images of him. 

The ice cold water had done little to cool her nerves, soaking his own clothes so that they sculpted his muscles. His body was perfect. She imagined it now, his arms enclosing her body and holding her against him. She could hear his heart beat in his chest, felt it accelerate as he’d leaned in to kiss her. She’d felt him go stiff against her, the length of him pressing into her thigh. His hands had played lightly at her midriff, teasing circles around her belly button. His kiss had been pure addiction, giving yet taking more than she knew she had. 

She stared at the ceiling, trying to reign in her hormones, desperate for relief from the heat building at her core. Her nails trailed lightly across her skin, teasing the naked flesh above her knees. Goosebumps covered her body, her skin crawling with excitement. 

“Hayden,” she whimpered, her body losing control. She burned with need, wanting him so desperately. Images continued pouring into her mind as her fingers trailed their way up her thighs and hesitated on the most intimate of places. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. Was she still drunk? Her nails scraped gently and she moaned, embarrassed by the sound that had escaped her. 

“This is all his fault,” she growled to no one. He’d made her feel sexy and desired. She’d wanted to make him feel the same but she’d been lost. No, she’d been swayed by emotions and she’d fallen into man’s game. She could not allow this to continue. Her resolve was set, her mind made up. She sat up and moved her sleek form across the room to drag a jogging suit from her drawer. She figured if she was going to be unable to sleep, she might as well make the most of it by doing something productive. 

Lisanna ran out into the night, the cold air clearing her head and allowing her to try and sort through her thoughts. She bounced down the steps and stretched at the bottom before setting off at a slow jog. She would wear her body down until she could no longer fight sleep. Perhaps then she would not dream of his hands on her skin.

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