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3hree is WAR – Chapter 4

Hayden had been practically beaming with excitement all day. It was more than unusual and a few associates could have sworn they saw the beginnings of a smile playing at his lips. The people at his Tokyo branch hadn’t known how to react. He’d never been a man who shared his emotions and many argued whether he had them. Even more shocking had been when Hayden had bounded out the door early claiming he had an important meeting. There was nothing on the schedule for that afternoon and the rumors quickly filled the office of the boss’s “new mistress”.

Hayden climbed in the car and sped towards his destination, knowing full well that he’d caused the office mockingbirds to gossip more about his private life. He cared not. They were mere pawns in his game of chess. Looking at the clock he smiled. Only fifteen more minutes and she’d be off. He had been honestly looking forward to seeing her again. The thought had scared him at first but now he had taken a new approach on the feelings. He might as well enjoy her fluttering about before he clipped her wings. That thought alone calmed his beating heart and reminded him that love was for saps. He could possess her body, and even her heart if he so desired, without giving her his. 

The drive was long and tedious, causing Hayden to shift irritably. He simply wanted her here now. He did not want her to be so far away. He knew he would have to move faster in order to get her right where he wanted her, by his side with nowhere to go but into his arms. The thought thrilled him, sending tingles of pleasure through his system and causing him to have needless thoughts about a real relationship, love, and romance.

Pulling up outside the familiar restaurant, Hayden climbed from the car and slipped on his sports coat. He’d order this suit yesterday while Lisanna had been distracted and he fully intended for her to be slipping him out of it by the end of the night. He glanced into the back seat of his car and chuckled to himself while staring at the bags scattered everywhere. He hadn’t meant to buy so much but when he thought of dressing her like a doll and playing with her, he couldn’t stop himself. Hayden ran a hand through his hair, brushing it away from his face, and headed inside. 

The shop was quiet and empty, even for a Monday afternoon. Hayden sought her out, scanning the room impatiently to find his toy. He did not see her, however, and this annoyed him to no end. Heading over to a nearby waitress, Hayden tapped her shoulder lightly and smiled. It wasn’t the smile Lisanna would have been used to but, rather, a cold calculating smile used to get what he wanted. The girl didn’t seem to notice and her face turned scarlet as she stared at the man.

“If you’d be so kind as to tell me where Lisanna is, I would greatly appreciate it.”

The girl nodded, her eyes locked on him. “Lisanna called out this morning.”

Hayden frowned, a twinge of worry sweeping over him as he thought she might have fallen ill from being soaked last night. “Is she sick?”

The girl shook her head, completely captivated to this man before her. “It didn’t seem like she was. She apparently said that she won’t be coming back, although no one knows why.”

Hayden’s gaze darkened, his expression becoming extremely dangerous, and the girl flinched away. Hayden looked around once more, spotting his new target. Marching over to the boy from yesterday, Hayden watched as Alex measured him up. 

“Lisanna’s not here.” He barked as Hayden came to a stop in front of him.

“Where is she?”

Alex smirked and Hayden’s hand tightened into fists. This cocky bastard was antagonizing him. Hayden glared at him as the room filled with an aura of death. “I want an answer, you stupid fucking brat. Where is Lisanna?”

Alex’s body was tense, fear threatening to take hold. This man was crazy. He could see it in his eyes and the knowledge did little to comfort him. He had no doubt that this man would kill him if he got the chance but Alex refused to back down. “She’s not here.”

Hayden nodded. He knew that he wasn’t going to get a straight answer. Pausing for a moment to clear his head, Hayden decided to head to her house. She had to come home eventually. He debated socking the kid once before he left and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Hayden moved swiftly from the building, leaving Alex to his devices.

Alex plopped into a nearby seat and let all the tension flow from his body. Pulling out his cell phone, he quickly dialed Lisanna’s cell and waited patiently for her caramel voice to sing in his ear. She answered, sounding a bit breathless, and waited for Alex to speak.

“Are you out, yet?”

Lisanna nodded, although he could not see her do so, and replied softly, “Yes.”

“The guys will make sure you are safe. Take your stuff straight to the house and make sure you don’t leave their sight.”

Lisanna said nothing but he knew she would not argue. She had shown up on his doorstep last night, drenched in sweat and tears, and asked that he meet her first thing this morning. She had said she needed to talk to him but wasn’t ready to do so just yet so he’d agreed to meet her without even stopping to consider that the two were ditching school. 

They’d met at a local library and tucked themselves away in a dusty corner. She’d cried on his shoulder without saying a word for over an hour. He knew she must have been severely distraught, allowing a man to see her pain. He’d had no idea what was wrong with her but he wanted to help. 

Finally, she’d explained that she was terrified of Hayden. She claimed that he had some supernatural hold over her but Alex could see the truth. She was falling for Hayden and Alex had to ensure he got her away before she did something she would regret. Guys like Hayden wouldn’t stay entertained for long and she’d be crying for different reasons if he were to let it go on. Alex had something that he could do to help. He invited her to his place and officially introduced her to his two roommates, Sean and Daman. They had all sat down to discuss the situation and had agreed to move her in with them. The three had set out to gather her things while Alex had headed into work early. 

Lisanna finally hummed in acknowledgement and Alex hung up. He knew that the longer he stayed on the line with her, the more he would want to go back to her. Now was not the time to be engraining himself into her life. She was distraught and needed someone she could trust, a friend. Alex let out an exasperated sigh before turning his attention back to his work at hand. It would be fine. He would protect her.

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