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3hree is WAR – Chapter 5

Hayden was beyond infuriated. Upon arriving at Lisanna’s apartment, he discovered that she had packed up her few belongings and left earlier that day. Not only had she run but, according to her neighbors, she’d been with two men. Hayden’s blood boiled at the thought. He suddenly wished that he would have put a leash on her sooner. It was not finding her that would be a problem; he was just aggravated that he had to waste his time with such a meaningless task. 

As he returned to his vehicle he pulled out his cell, dialing his friend at the police station to put out an APB on Lisanna. The girl was truly foolish to think that she would be able to escape that easily. Did she think that this would discourage him? She had just upped the stakes and he would not fold. If anything had come of this, it was simply his overwhelming desire to move all pieces into checkmate. She would be his and, now, he no longer had to be nice about it.

He hopped back into the car and pulled out a manila folder, opening it hastily. Skimming through the pages quickly, he found what he was looking for and entered the information into his GPS. The address on record was a local private academy for the elite. The instructional institution was second only to his own school, Roland International Academy. He knew well of the facility and had been honestly shocked to learn that Lisanna was one of two scholarship students on center. It was not an easy feat to receive such an honor and Hayden had been impressed by her intelligence. Now, it was different. The school was a nuisance to him and he intended to correct the problem.

He started the car, engine purring to life, and headed to capture his next piece. It would be an easy enough task to schedule a meeting with their Board of Directors but Hayden was impatient and decided to go straight to the top. Lisanna was his and he would not have his pet trying to sneak away.

As he drove onwards, he was overwhelmed with emotions; resentment towards the world for allowing her to run, anger at Lisanna’s betrayal, and hurt. The latter was an emotion new to him and he shied away from exploring it further.

He arrived at the school a short time later and was greeted at the gate, having called ahead to ensure the headmaster would be available. A security officer guided him to Chairman’s office and excused himself while Hayden made his intentions known.

“As I said briefly on the phone, I need your assistance with something Mr. Reynolds. One of your students here has caused a great deal of problems for my company and we feel that she needs a more structured environment in order to correct her rebellious ways.”

The man stared at Hayden with wisdom beyond his years. “Rebellious, eh? Lisanna?”

“Nothing major. Just some minor incidents we hope to resolve.”

“Boy, do you think me a fool?” Reynolds asked, his voice scratching against the strain of age and, perhaps, an oncoming cold.

“I assure you that is not the case. We have the purest of intentions for Ms. Vanders. We simply feel that she would be better suited at Roland International Academy. Of course, she will be granted a full scholarship into our program and we will make it worth your while to assist in removing her from yours.”

Mr. Reynolds smiled in amusement and understanding. “If you truly feel that she will benefit from your “program” then I will consent. I do not expect reimbursement, however. I merely wish to see Lisanna’s situation improve. She is a good kid and if you think that you are truly able to provide for her then our school will, of course, step aside. However, I wish to make one thing clear. If this backfires on you, which it surely will, you must not take it out on that child.”

Hayden nodded in agreement, unsure of what the man meant or how it would fall apart. He stood and both men shook hands before Hayden turned to leave.

“Please let us know if we can do anything to assist in her transition into your school.”

Hayden nodded and turned back to offer the man a smile before exiting the office and returning to his vehicle. The headmaster would surely call Lisanna and inform her that her scholarship had been revoked. He knew that she would be devastated but he was prepared to accept the consequences of his actions. He headed out, calling the station to update himself regarding the whereabouts of his precious doll. The police had yet to find her but Hayden cared not. She had no home, no school, and no job to support herself. She would need him and she would seek him out.

Hayden drove his car home, debating the situation and possible solutions while wondering desperately what else was in store for him regarding this temptress of fate. He knew that in a matter of hours he would know her location and could not wait. When he saw her next, she would need him. Of course he’d oblige, but he’d make her beg first. The plan was flawless, or it was in his head. He never would have expected what would happen next. 

Lisanna had truly disappeared. She had never owned a bank account so there was nothing to trace and her cell must have been prepaid. Hayden wasn’t even sure now if the Headmaster had informed her about her scholarship. He should have waited at the school, he thought bitterly as he paced around his office. Hayden was starting to believe that the police department was useless when it dawned on him where she’d gone. It was so obvious that he should have known all along and he cursed himself for being so dimwitted. 

A week after he’d put out the report, he’d called his friend once more and gave him the necessary information to find her. A few hours later, his buddy called him back with an address and some pertinent news. Lisanna’s name had just popped up at Normanth East High. Instead of seeking his help, she’d run to a new school. Feeling dangerously close to losing control, he called to discuss the matter with the principal. This time, however, things did not go according to plan. He was transferred to the world’s most belligerent headmaster who refused to cooperate with Hayden’s “childish whims”. 

Hayden’s scowl darkened into murderous intent and he tossed his phone across the room, into the opposing wall. He now tried to place when it was that people started believing they could stand against him. Feeling as though the world needed a lesson on respect, Hayden marched out to the garage and proceeded to race against his thoughts towards Lisanna’s new school. He would wait for her all day, if he had to. When he saw her though, he would snatch her up and take her away. He would bind her to him in any way he deemed necessary, making sure that she could never again leave his side. That was his desire; however, fate is not so kind as to play man’s games.

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