Soulful Sixteen: Seok Jin

The oldest of the seven, whose eyes spoke of power and wisdom, approached confidently. I knew, instantly, that he was one I should not dance with. I turned to the buffet table and eyed the food, as if trying to decide. “I’d avoid the sushi, if I were you. It’s seems a little fishy!” He murmured, closer than I had […]

Soulful Sixteen: Prologue to Seven

My mother looked me over once and smiled gently. “You are truly beautiful.” I smiled gently. “Thank you, mother.” One of her delicate hands tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and she smiled once more. “I can’t believe it is already time…” The time she referred to was my sixteenth birthday. I was finally a woman and, as […]

The Resistance Series: Egoist’s Lead Singer

Takashi Sui glanced around once more. He’d been sure that he had heard soldiers but they were nowhere in sight.  Stepping from the shadow of an old building in Ward 2 of the Kanto region, Sui made his way through the desecrated temple. The ruins appalled him but that did little to halt his progress. He had no time to […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 7

As the bell rang, signaling the end of Lisanna’s first day, Lance took her hand and guided her through the hallways towards the front gate. He hadn’t been kidding about maintaining an image, as he’d changed his attitude and demeanor before leaving the comfort of the roof, and she now walked beside a much more intimidating figure. His appearance hadn’t […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 6

The entire situation was absurd, Lisanna thought to herself as she followed around the Student Council Vice-President, Takashi Imoto. She’d lost her scholarship over a part-time job she no longer had. Apparently, according to the dying geezer at her old school, working throughout the school week was prohibited for scholarship students. Lisanna felt bitter. If that was the case then […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 5

Hayden was beyond infuriated. Upon arriving at Lisanna’s apartment, he discovered that she had packed up her few belongings and left earlier that day. Not only had she run but, according to her neighbors, she’d been with two men. Hayden’s blood boiled at the thought. He suddenly wished that he would have put a leash on her sooner. It was […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 4

Hayden had been practically beaming with excitement all day. It was more than unusual and a few associates could have sworn they saw the beginnings of a smile playing at his lips. The people at his Tokyo branch hadn’t known how to react. He’d never been a man who shared his emotions and many argued whether he had them. Even […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 3

The sun had begun setting, a delicate glow cast across the hood of the car as they pulled into the small lot of the waterside restaurant. Hayden looked pleased with himself, leading Lisanna’s graceful form through the large double doors and over to a waiter who quickly escorted them to the back of the restaurant where a wooden dock looked […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 2

Lisanna’s feet dangled from where she now rested at the bar. She sighed. Hayden had, once again, been on her mind. To be honest, he hadn’t really left there. He’d somehow engrained himself into every thought she’d had for this past week, making it extremely difficult to focus on anything other than the man who’d saved her. His image was […]

3hree is WAR – Chapter 1

Lisanna glanced at the clock once more, trying to muster the energy to return to work. Her break had been over for almost five minutes and yet she had not moved from her position in the break room. It was Sunday and she had a million things to do upon returning home. Her three page essay on Commerce in the […]