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Fickle Cat

With a swing of his tail, I rush to his side.
My face is all splotchy from the tears I’ve cried.

Another day has come, another fight has passed.
I pray that this reconcile is not our last.

I lick my wounds like a cat licks its paws,
trying to hide the marks that he made with his claws.

I drop my head and hide my own shame,
I beg for forgiveness, although I’m not to blame.

I try to follow his moods and ignore when he’s cruel,
for that’s how it is under the fickle cat’s rule.

Wave of Regret


The sea rises

as the heavens watch

a wave of bitterness and regret.

Ships once filled with hearty sailors

are now abandoned to the sea.

A shadow falls

upon the once grand mountain,

as the sea begins to creep ever closer.

The skies are dark

from the seas mighty stature.

If the wave were a man,

He would be beyond measure.

He would command a whole room’s attention.

But alas, the sea is not a man.

He does not overwhelm with charisma,

He only rules with fear,

with a wave of destruction.