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HASTE – Chapter 2

Morning came far too early and the sleepless Shindou watched as his princess stirred in his arms. The sun had been up for a while now and it was only a matter of time before the household realized that Shindou’s bed was empty. He’d tried to free himself several times but couldn’t seem to drag himself away from the sleeping goddess beside him. He attempted to move once more but only proved to wake Kylee from her slumber.

As her eyes blinked into focus, Shindou smiled gently and brushed her hair from her face. “Good morning, Kylee.”

Kylee stared her brother in bewilderment as she tried to register why they were in bed together. As the events of the previous night poured into her mind she blushed and rolled away. 

“I’m so sorry, Shin.” she mumbled as she tossed her legs over the side of the bed to sit on the edge. Shindou moved over to her, tossing one leg on either side of her slender body and wrapping his arms around her waist. 

“Why are you apologizing to me like we’re strangers?” he asked in a whimper, his eyes begging Kylee not to disown him. “I’m your brother.”

Kylee smiled and nestled into the warmth of Shindou’s chest. She went to speak but was cut short by the insistent pounding on the door, demanding entry into Kylee’s room. 

Kylee went to stand and Shindou’s grip tightened as he dropped his forehead onto Kylee’s shoulder, his irritation at having been interrupted making it difficult for him to let her go to the door. Forcing his cutest pout, he whined, “I think the guys are going to kill me though. I’m really scared.”

Kylee shook her head slowly, ignoring the insistent hammering, and stood. “If they want to hurt you, they will have to go through me.”

Shindou smiled gently and stood, walking over to her and pulling her into his arms. “That’s why I love you, Kylee.”

Kylee hugged her brother back before turning to face the music. “I love you too.”

As Kylee unlocked the door and opened it, three figures marched into the room like soldiers onto a battlefield. They glared at Shindou, who now quivered behind Kylee like a child scared of being scolded. 

“Get your ass over here, brat.” Hayden growled and Kylee watched Shindou flinch away from him. 

Stomping up to her brothers, she raised her hand to smack Hayden and was shocked when Tao grabbed her wrist. He shook his head once and Kylee jerked free, taking a step back to recuperate. Tao had always sided with her and she wasn’t sure how to handle this new side of her brother. Why were they so angry in the first place?

“Tao, take the princess out of here.” Angelo barked and Kylee let out a feral growl as her brother made to grab her.

“If you want to keep your glasses intact, you better not touch me.” Tao looked at her in mild amusement and pulled his glasses off, dropping them to the floor and stepping towards her, his glasses crunching beneath his bare foot. Tao picked Kylee up easily, tossing her over one shoulder and carrying the kicking and screaming princess from the room.

“Put me down.” She growled. “Put me down this instant! PUT. ME. DOWN!”

Hayden watched as Angelo pushed the Princess’s door closed before turning back to their baby brother. For someone so “angelic” he seemed to be having a hard time hiding the mischievous grin now playing at his lips. This only fueled the fire growing within the two remaining brothers.

Shindou struggled desperately to regain his calculated façade, finally managing to place the childish pout on his face. 

“Am I in trouble?” he whined and Hayden scowled.

Angelo crossed his arms and took a step towards Shindou. “Drop the act. Kylee’s not here to buy it.”

Shindou watched them with mock confusion before turning his back on the two and marching over to Kylee’s bed. Leaning down, he grabbed her pillow from the bed and then turned to cuddle it to his chest like a small child. 

“It smells like her.” He muttered, taking in her scent and smiling playfully.

Hayden moved to quick for Angelo to react and next thing he knew, Shindou was pinned against the ground. Hayden eyes narrowed dangerously and Angelo moved to pull him off.

Pushing himself from the floor, Shindou threw on his best shocked expression before purring, “Are you more upset that I spent the night with her or that you weren’t the first to do so?”

Hayden pulled free, slugging Shindou in the face. Shindou staggered backwards before staring at his brother in a blind rage. “I didn’t do anything, you fucking asshole. I stayed beside her after you pissed her off. Though, I’m sure if I’d wanted it, I could have had her.”

It probably would’ve been better to leave the last part off but he was beyond pissed. This entire situation sucked and Shindou wondered bitterly to himself who’d wrote this crap.

“CUT!” Came the director’s voice from his chair near the camera and Shindou’s eyes followed the sound to see Ethan standing over the man with a well placed scowl.

“Thank you.” He barked and the director cringed at the child’s tantrum. 

“How dare you make my brothers act like this. This script is horrible, at best. No one wants to watch a HASTE PV where all four of them are fighting for my attention. What kind of yaoi fan fiction is this?” He continued to rant, despite the director’s darkening complexion. Shindou ran off the stage and into his brother’s arms, tears now streaming down his face. 

“Kylee, they made my character crazy sadistic.” He whined and Ethan watched his brother compassionately. “Change the script or we’ll get someone else to do our video.”

Yousuke popped Ethan upside his head and bowed respectfully to the director. “I apologize for my willful children. This is only their second single and they have not learned the ways of the business.”

The director nodded and called for a fifteen minute break while Yousuke pulled aside his five sons, prepared to give the scolding clearly necessary. Back in the dressing room, Ethan tossed his legs on the coffee table and leaned back into the couch with a soft thud. Angelo pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to respond to some of his two hundred text messages. Hayden plopped down beside Ethan and grabbed the controller to the XBOX 360, quickly booting into his save file for Halo Reach. Shindou dismissed himself to the corner and pulled out his latest volume of Fairy Tail, picking up on the scene where the new Oracian Seis appeared. Tao pulled out his Calculus II book and proceeded to meticulously solve every formula in his current chapter. Yousuke scowled at his five boys, noticing that Ethan was already drifting to sleep. 

“GUYS!” Yousuke barked and everyone looked at him unenthusiastically. “I understand you’re all tired. I know these last two weeks have been exhausting between practice for your first live, recording for the drama, and your new PV, but work with me. Y’all can have some time off in a few weeks. Let’s just get through your initial debut and we’ll be gold. And Ethan, stop causing problems. You can’t go around picking fights with every director you don’t like.”

Ethan dropped his feet to the floor and rolled his eyes before responding, “What kind of story is this? It’s bad enough he made me out to be a female in disguise but he also made it so all my brothers are madly in love with me?”

Yousuke smirked and Ethan felt nauseous. “I wrote the script.”

Ethan’s eyes narrowed and he fought to maintain composure. “Don’t you think it’s a little risky to have me act as a female?”

“Why is it risky? You are female.” Yosuke replied calmly.

Angelo stepped forward, shushing Ethan with a mere glance. “I think what Ethan is saying is won’t this put him at risk of being discovered.”

Hayden nodded in agreement and Shindou walked from the corner to sit on the arm of the couch near Ethan.

“I understand what you guys are saying and I understand the concern but the best way to hide his true gender is to make everyone think that she is a very girlish he. We do that by placing him in situations where he’s forced to act feminine, so in case he ever slips up he can blame it on his past characters.”

Tao nodded in understanding while the other four stared vacantly. Yousuke sighed and shook his head before stating firmly, “Just trust me. Knight Records is a male only company. I wouldn’t risk my reputation if I wasn’t completely sure that this is the best way to keep things under wraps.”

Ethan glowered and crossed his arms before beckoning him once more, “Why the sibling love situation?”

Yousuke looked around the room in mild amusement before resting his gaze on Ethan’s naïve expression. “I thought it would make things more interesting.”

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