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HASTE – Chapter 3

The Takahashi household was eerily silent that night. Yousuke had gone to meet up with a potential choreographer for their upcoming tour and Angelo was on a date with his newest girlfriend, a young woman from the studio they had recorded at earlier today. Tao had locked himself up in his room in preparation for his exams in a few weeks, so there was no telling if they would see him again tonight. Kylee glanced to the corner where Shindou read a new volume of Vampire Knight in silence and then to Hayden who was unenthusiastically playing a round of Team Fortress 2. She couldn’t be sure but it seemed as if there was enough tension in the room to smother a small child.

“Would anyone like some tea?” Ethan asked softly, hoping that the soothing beverage would help to calm everyone’s nerves. Without waiting for her brothers to respond, she exited the room and made her way to the kitchen, leaving the tension filled room to its own devices.

Shindou glared over the top of his manga at his brother, who glanced back at him in response. “You really hit me?”

The corner of Hayden’s lip turned upwards and Shindou scowled. The bastard was provoking him. He sat his book down on the table and crossed the room to stand over his elder brother. “Are you in love with Kylee?”

Hayden stared at his brother in mild amusement. The question hadn’t shocked him at all. He’d actually expected it, just not so soon. 

“I love her.”

Shindou’s eyes narrowed and he shook his head. “That’s not what I asked. Are you IN love with the Princess?”

“I have no obligation to answer that.” Hayden spat and Shindou scowled.

“I will take your response as a yes then.” He remarked before frowning. “I can’t let you have her. I hope you know that.”

Hayden smiled coldly before responding, “None of us can have her. You of all people should know that.”

Shindou’s face darkened. 

“I never agreed to Yousuke’s rules.”

“Entering HASTE was your agreement.” Hayden muttered bitterly, thinking about his own concurrence.

“Then I quit.” Shindou griped and moved to leave the room, nearly crashing into an abashed Ethan. 

“Guyssssss.” came the  exasperated sigh from Kylee as she rounded the corner. tray of tea in hand, and stared at her brothers in frustration. “Why are you guys actually practicing that? The script is just plain weird. I mean, what is Yousuke thinking?”

Shindou and Hayden nodded in each other’s direction before laughing. Shindou took the tray from Ethan and walked over to place it before Hayden. “We are being kind of ridiculous.”

Hayden nodded in agreement and leaned back slowly, taking in his sister. “I guess it’s kind of fun to play outside our norm.”

Shindou nodded in agreement before sitting on the couch across from Hayden and motioning for Kylee to sit. Kylee giggled and ran over to plop on the floor between the two couches. 

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