If I were to say that I am good at what I do, that would be a lie.

I am struggling, constantly. I can’t keep up with the demands of life.

I am trying to be the perfect parent but I am failing.

I want to set a good example but I am falling apart.

Ripping at the seams, I can’t continue with this façade.

Everything is not okay.

If I took out an ad in the paper, it would read:

“Single mother of one seeking a reset button, advice, support, and companionship.”

Would anyone answer?

People say I am spreading myself to thin but what can I do?

My daughter and I need money to survive, therefore I work.

We need more money to survive, therefore I go to school.

Am I doing too much? Damn right. Knowing is half the battle.

The other half, making changes.

What can I do differently? I ask myself that every day.

Why is there no guidebook to motherhood?

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