My Writing Influences

Alyssa, a name that inspires and motivates.

Boys from my past, including Alyssa’s father.

Colors: seafoam blue, rose red, sunset orange, forest green.

Dancing at the club or around my living room.

Everything, and anything, that I see

fit. Finnicky kittens in fancy furs.

Google, because Google.

Hope, harmony, heroes, heroines, happiness, hardship, and Heavenly hash ice cream.

Intelligence belittled by ignorance.

Jewels, shining brilliantly.

Kids and kittens, sometimes together.

Love. The greatest inspiration of all.

Music, movies, and memories. Most importantly, men.


Overused words and obscene behavior.

People from all walks of life,

Quietly sneaking through or boldly standing up for what one believes. All

Races, religions, and reasons.


Time passing without reason or heed. 

Universal understanding and acceptance.

Valentine’s Day.

Whispered words.


Yellow and other hair colors.

Zodiacs, both astrological and Chinese.

Type: Abecedarian

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