Portrait of Obsession with Love and Fire

You could never have imagined
that your simplistic romance
would warp into something more.

You expected this relationship
would either develop beautifully
or would fade quickly.

There was no way that you
the child in love with love
could comprehend him or

the obsessive thoughts
of a boy who wanted to possess you
not love you forever.

How did it come to this?
How did you end up trapped
with him and his twisted mind?

Your seat at the table is wet
with tears and gasoline.
You’re tied to the chair

swollen eyes pleading for release.
What did you do to deserve this?
Your wrists have been cut by the rope
that binds you here-
that binds you to him
and he watches

madness trembles in his eyes.
Only he can have you
says the deafening silence.

He continues to play
with the lighter in his hands
and with your mind.

This room will soon be engulfed
in the flames of his emotion
and the fire he creates.

If he can’t have you
he’d rather you be dead.
Is this what love is?

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