Fan Fiction,  Soulful Sixteen

Soulful Sixteen: Seok Jin

The oldest of the seven, whose eyes spoke of power and wisdom, approached confidently. I knew, instantly, that he was one I should not dance with. I turned to the buffet table and eyed the food, as if trying to decide.

“I’d avoid the sushi, if I were you. It’s seems a little fishy!” He murmured, closer than I had expected, and I giggled in response before regaining my composure.

“Is that not the point?” I asked, spinning to face him.

“I suppose.” He mumbled, as if seriously considering my answer. “Would you prefer to hear a joke about construction?”

I shook my head quickly and glanced around for my mother, already feeling his power over me.

“That’s okay. I am still working on it.”

This joke took me a moment to get but I finally giggled once more, stepping closer, already drawn in.

“It’s a pleasure, Princess.”

“And you are?” I asked breathlessly.

“When I was a kid, my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be. Turns out, identity theft is a crime. Nowadays, I’m just Jin.”

I laughed, more loudly this time, started by the sound.

“Your smile is beautiful.” He said, suddenly serious.

“And you’re trouble…” I muttered.

“No, I’m Worldwide Handsome.”

“Arrogant much?” I remarked, still feeling myself being pulled in.

“No, confident.” He smirked.

“Pride is dangerous.”

“So is boredom. Want to dance?” He asked, extending his hand to me.

I slowly reached forward before hesitating, my mother’s words screaming in my head. “No… thank you.”

“There’s time…” He smiled, this time knowingly, before turning to look across the room.

“There is clearly someone who wants all your time, however. I shall return.” He remarked, walking away as a new face moved from across the room.

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