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    The Nation’s Fairy – Chapter 4

    I went out, later that night, to escape the reality of the situation. I just needed to get away. I headed to an exclusive club in Myeongdong, where I knew I would not be bothered. Only I was bothered. I was assaulted by her moves the second I walked in the door. Yojeong was dancing on stage, her hips swaying to the music, her ass barely covered by the short skirt straining against each move. She had discarded the netting and was now bare, minus the small tube top cupping her breasts. I had walked over before I could even think to just walk… no, run… away. “Yojeong…” I muttered…

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    HASTE – Chapter 3

    The Takahashi household was eerily silent that night. Yousuke had gone to meet up with a potential choreographer for their upcoming tour and Angelo was on a date with his newest girlfriend, a young woman from the studio they had recorded at earlier today. Tao had locked himself up in his room in preparation for his exams in a few weeks, so there was no telling if they would see him again tonight. Kylee glanced to the corner where Shindou read a new volume of Vampire Knight in silence and then to Hayden who was unenthusiastically playing a round of Team Fortress 2. She couldn’t be sure but it seemed…

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    Sheep in the Wolf’s Den – Intro

    Things were simpler before. A hundred years ago, we didn’t have television. There was no social media. Kpop wasn’t even a twinkle in someone’s eye. Our kind could hide easily. As time progressed, and technology advanced, we began to stand out. It’s hard not to, when you’re exceptionally beautiful, extraordinarily talented, and have a certain “charisma” about you. Before we knew what was happening, talent scouts were stopping our brethren on the streets. Idol… “a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.” I didn’t want to be an idol. I simply wanted an ordinary love. Unfortunately, being the only pureblood female in existence, there was nothing common…

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    GTS: Girls to Steal – Chapter 1

    I controlled the urge to roll my eyes as I walked past a horde of girls giggling over the article that accompanied the list. No doubt the photos in the paper would be plastered to several walls this evening. “Are you listening to me, Yo Jeong?” I nodded once, at the girl speaking, forcing a small smile. “I am, Ji Won. I apologize if it didn’t seem like it.” “You’re always off in la la land. Are you thinking about your boyyyyyfriend?” She joked and my forced smile faltered for a moment.  I recovered quickly, laughing lightly as I gave her a gentle shove. This is how girls were supposed…

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    The Nation’s Fairy – Chapter 3

    It was sheer coincidence that I had run into her. I had honestly spent the last two years avoiding her. I never wanted to lose control again or feel the helplessness that had occurred in the following weeks. I had not even reached out when Jonghyun had passed away, clearly shaking SHINee’s and Yojeong’s world. I had watched from afar… Her eyes met mine and I forced a smile from across the lobby of KBS. She smiled brightly and rushed over. “Jungkook, you guys are here for the broadcast too?” I nodded without a word. The truth was, I could not speak. She had only grown more beautiful and, with…

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    GTS: Girls to Steal – Intro

    My friends had done something dumb, as they often did. They had created a chart, Boys to Steal, BTS for short. It was a list of the top seven guys in school, and the S represented stealing their hearts. Unfortunately, creating the list wasn’t the dumb part. My “oh so brilliant” friends had given it to the school newspaper, for publishing. Boys To Steal Park Ji Min (Jimin) Kim Tae Hyung (V) Jeon Jeong-guk (Jungkook) Kim Seok Jin (Jin) Jung Ho Seok (J-Hope) Min Yoon Gi (Suga) Kim Nam Joon (RM)

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    The Nation’s Fairy – Chapter 2

    Dragging my converse sneakers against the concrete floors of the Jamsil Sports Complex Stadium, I was surprised when I glanced up to an empty hall ahead of me. In my cranky state, I had managed to get myself lost in the complex. Glancing down a side hall, off the main that encircled the stadium, I spotted a familiar face glancing around anxiously. Turning without thought, I abandoned any thoughts of searching for the group, in search of the fairy who had now ducked down another hall. I started running, without realizing, in a desperate attempt to catch up to her. Turning the corner, I spotted her 500 feet ahead, making…

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    The Nation’s Fairy – Chapter 1

    The year was 2014 and SHINee’s Lee Taemin had just made his solo debut with the song Danger. Most of his performances involved a team of professional (male) dancers so it came as a shock to everyone when Taemin brought a young girl on stage to dance during the number. The eye-catching child, who was only thirteen at the time, enchanted the audience. As the performance ended, Taemin introduced his sister to the world as Lee Kaia, an upcoming rookie at SM Entertainment.  The word spread like wildfire and Lee Kaia, who legally changed her name to Lee Mee the following year, rose in popularity. When she officially debuted, as…

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    The Nation’s Fairy – Intro

    A ship at sea only knows its destination because of the captain that guides it to port. I wanted to guide Lee Kaia home, and never let her leave. Her parents had named her Kaia, instead of a traditional Korean name, because she had been born on a yacht off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. Kaia, which is derived from the Hawaiian word Kai, means “the sea”. Kaia’s beauty, like the aqua waters off the coast of a tropical island, beckoned people in. Her nature resembled the ocean too closely for comfort, a gorgeous surface with unknown dangers lurking beneath. As if a rip tide pulled me under, at some…

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    HASTE – Chapter 2

    Morning came far too early and the sleepless Shindou watched as his princess stirred in his arms. The sun had been up for a while now and it was only a matter of time before the household realized that Shindou’s bed was empty. He’d tried to free himself several times but couldn’t seem to drag himself away from the sleeping goddess beside him. He attempted to move once more but only proved to wake Kylee from her slumber. As her eyes blinked into focus, Shindou smiled gently and brushed her hair from her face. “Good morning, Kylee.” Kylee stared her brother in bewilderment as she tried to register why they…