HASTE – Chapter 3

The Takahashi household was eerily silent that night. Yousuke had gone to meet up with a potential choreographer for their upcoming tour and Angelo was on a date with his newest girlfriend, a young woman from the studio they had recorded at earlier today. Tao had locked himself up in his room in preparation for his exams in a few […]

HASTE – Chapter 2

Morning came far too early and the sleepless Shindou watched as his princess stirred in his arms. The sun had been up for a while now and it was only a matter of time before the household realized that Shindou’s bed was empty. He’d tried to free himself several times but couldn’t seem to drag himself away from the sleeping […]

HASTE – Chapter 1

Hayden had been waiting impatiently in the foyer when Tao finally returned with Kylee. He opened the door and waited as she shuffled into the house, her head hung in exhaustion. Without another word, Tao marched upstairs and left her to defend herself against Hayden’s barrage of questions. Traitor.  Hayden walked forward and pulled Kylee into his arms, hugging her […]

HASTE – Intro

Silver eyes stared perplexedly at the title page of JPN Weekly, the revered JPop magazine that currently occupied over half the shelf. From beneath the rim of her black baseball cap, the young girl gaped at the cover incredulously. The boy before her looked towards the reader with fervor, his eyes speaking of mysteries most girls would love to unravel. […]