Fan Fiction,  The Nation's Fairy

The Nation’s Fairy – Chapter 1

The year was 2014 and SHINee’s Lee Taemin had just made his solo debut with the song Danger. Most of his performances involved a team of professional (male) dancers so it came as a shock to everyone when Taemin brought a young girl on stage to dance during the number. The eye-catching child, who was only thirteen at the time, enchanted the audience. As the performance ended, Taemin introduced his sister to the world as Lee Kaia, an upcoming rookie at SM Entertainment. 

The word spread like wildfire and Lee Kaia, who legally changed her name to Lee Mee the following year, rose in popularity. When she officially debuted, as Yojeong, in May 2016, she was fifteen. A child in many aspects, her beauty was enough to make grown men squirm. I was eighteen and fairly popular, considering I was the Golden Maknae of the largest boy group in the world, and she still caused me to doubletake. 

There was something otherworldly about her. Perhaps that was why she had become known as the nation’s fairy, debuting as Yojeong, meaning “fairy”. When her official fandom name was announced, Fae, I was one of the first to register. Perhaps I was the first, due to BigHit Entertainment’s influence. I started collecting her photocards as if each one somehow brought me closer to her. It seems silly in retrospect, considering my own position, however I was her devoted fan. I prayed for an opportunity to work with her… hell, to meet her… but, because of who I was, my opportunities were limited. Known for showering her fans with attention, if I hadn’t become an idol, I could have gone to fan meets, concerts, and events in the hopes that she would bless me with the same attentiveness I had seen in YouTube videos of her interacting with Fae. Instead, it was the following year when I was finally able to meet my fairy.

My band mate, and close friend, had choreographed a piece, together with Taemin, at the end of 2016. Little did I know, when they performed the number on The Show at the start of 2017, that the number was actually meant for the LoveLee World Tour and that Yojeong and Taemin would be dancing the number together as their opening act.

The date was May 08, 2017 and Yojeong was celebrating her year anniversary with the start of their tour. Fae, Taemints, and Shawols alike were spamming social media with well wishes for Yojeong’s anniversary and the Lee’s tour. I was following the hashtag #Fae4Fairy on Twitter when Jimin’s phone rang out Press Your Number.

Jimin answered the video call quickly and smiled. “Min!”

Taemin’s voice filtered into the room and caught my attention. “Are you coming tonight? My sister was really hoping to see you.”

Jimin nodded, a bit too eager for my taste. “Of course, Min. I’d love to see Kaia.”

Yojeong’s real name, from Jimin’s mouth, assaulted my senses and caused me to see red. I could not have explained the reaction, even if I tried, but it was clear to me that Jimin had met her. It made sense, in retrospect, but, at the time, it felt as if some unknown secret was being kept. Why hadn’t he told me that he had met her, particularly when he knew I was a fan?

Jimin glanced in my direction as he smirked and remarked, “Tonight, then?”

The bitch was taunting me. I was convinced he had done it on purpose, just to fuck with me.

I watched Jimin end the video chat and look around the room. “Taemin would really love it if we could all make it out for his, and his sister’s, show tonight. I didn’t think you guys would mind…”

Namjoon smiled at Jimin before standing from the couch and stretching. “I guess we should get ready then. I think some of us may need a while to get ready.”

Standing without another word, I marched to my room, oblivious to the members laughter at their own private joke.


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