Fan Fiction,  The Nation's Fairy

The Nation’s Fairy – Chapter 3

It was sheer coincidence that I had run into her. I had honestly spent the last two years avoiding her. I never wanted to lose control again or feel the helplessness that had occurred in the following weeks. I had not even reached out when Jonghyun had passed away, clearly shaking SHINee’s and Yojeong’s world. I had watched from afar…

Her eyes met mine and I forced a smile from across the lobby of KBS. She smiled brightly and rushed over. “Jungkook, you guys are here for the broadcast too?”

I nodded without a word. The truth was, I could not speak. She had only grown more beautiful and, with age, sexier. The black netting that covered her tube top had me struggling to look into her eyes.

“Where’s Jimin?”

The question should not have bothered me… but it did… even more so when Jimin walked up and placed a hand on my shoulder before flashing a smile at Kaia. It was not his professional smile. Kaia blushed and glanced around anxiously before pulling out her phone and checking the time. 

“See you on stage.” She smiled at each of us before turning to walk away.

I glanced to Jimin who was now absorbed in his phone, a grin plastered on his face. I could not help wondering what the fuck was causing the expression was on his face. Yoongi walked up and smacked each of us on the back. “We should head upstairs. Namjoon is probably thinking we got lost…”

I turned and started marching towards the elevator, unfortunately catching Yoongi’s next words.

“Are you happy you got to see your girlfriend?”

I stopped, rounding on the two who had lagged, and spotted Jimin nodding with a sheepish look on his face.


They both stared at me in surprise, as if this was common knowledge.

“Why are you acting so shocked, Kook? They’ve been dating for… what… a year and a half?” Yoongi remarked simply.

Jimin answered, clearly trying to settle my doubt and ease my confusion. “We’ve been dating since shortly after Jonghyun’s death.”

“Why did I not know this?” My voice quivered in anger and I fought to reign in my emotions.

“I’ve told you about her before… I mean, you’ve even handed me my phone when she has called…”

“I thought your girlfriend was Mayly…” Coming to the realization as the word rolled off my tongue. “Mayly… Mee Lee… Lee Mee… Lee Kaia… You’re dating the nation’s fairy, Yojeong?” I ask the last part, louder than intended.

Jimin glanced around nervously before motioning us towards the elevator. “We’ll talk more later. For now, we have a show to perform.”

The performance was a blur, but I know I still did well, considering articles were all over the internet talking about our stellar performance, only hours later. I also know Yojeong did amazing because I never took my eyes off her. Jimin had tried to talk to me when we got home but I claimed I was tired and had locked myself in my room. I did not want to hear about their relationship.


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